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Leadership is a mental discipline, it is the way we think and respond which builds a commonality among a community. To learn leadership, it requires both observation and study, as well as disciplined practice. In these two blogs I examine both observation and practical applications of leadership skills.

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In the Art of Leadership, I study individuals that have shown exemplary leadership traits, and examine how we can learn from them.

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As part of the Guardian Institute, these posts aim at providing practical skill sets, and lessons that can be applied to your leadership toolbox.

Published works


The Art of Leadership: Observation & Study (2012)
Kindle Edition- $5.00

The Art of Leadership is a series designed to provide necessary tools and understandings for anyone looking to build or strengthen their leadership skills. The first book is intended to be a prerequisite to the series. It's goal is to set a working definition of leadership, and begin to expand your view of the subject matter.


The Art of Leadership: The Primer (2013)
Kindle Edition- $9.99

This book is intended to be a ‘Primer’. That is, it is intended to give you a foundation of skills from which to build your leadership skills. These skills- Time Management, Being Organized, Tenacity, Working harder than your peers, asking for help, and becoming bigger then yourself – where compiled and chosen from books like The Millionaire Mind which focused on a quantitative and qualitative study of success factors.