Designing Your Makers Coin

Having your own makers coin is a right of passage. A makers coin is a small coin unique to you. These are meant to be shared and collected amongst other friends and other makers. I find them great to give out when people come over and look at my prints. I keep mine in an old glass (spaghetti sauce) jar.

As you continue to buy new filament, you’ll eventually grow your collection of various colored coins. Which by itself is pretty cool.

The maker coin was invented by Angus who own Makers Muse on YouTube. To learn how to make your own, please watch his short video. You will need Fusion 360 to follow along, which can be downloaded for free.

Once you’ve finished designing your coin, you can export it to an STL file and slice it in Cura.

My recommendation is to keep your coin simple. I like to use this as my first print whenever I change filaments and in between failed prints. It usually doesn’t take long to print, and its very satisfying to see it in whatever new color you added.

Also, I recommend printing 2 coins at once. You can easily duplicate the print in Cura before slicing. This is a trick I picked up from Adam Savage. Ultimately 1 always comes out better then the other. Having 2 lets you decide which you keep as yours, and which gets added to the give away jar.