Your First Print

Before you get started, here are some videos you should watch:

Now that your bed is leveled, and you’re ready to get started we’re going to print the iconic Benchy. The purpose of Benchy is to determine if your printer is appropriately calibrated. For now, we just want to make sure we can get it to print.

Printing Benchy

  1. Download the Benchy STL from Thingiverse.
  2. Extract the files and open it in your slicing software. I’m using Cura Ultimaker which you can download for free
  3. Set the infill to 20%, without supports or adhesion selected. Then hit slice.
  4. Save the gcode to your SD card, and print it on your 3D printer.

Troubleshooting and community

If you want to get help please join the online communities below. You will find our 3D printing experts at CreativeTools and the enthusiastic maker community there.

You can visit for more information on how to use #3DBenchy.

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Congratulations you now have your first 3D Print!